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Sleep Duration a Factor in Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity has more than doubled over the past three decades, which is why any study that sheds light on why this is happening is a godsend to worried parents. Science Daily, at least,

Manage ADHD by Developing Skills

You can’t manage ADHD with drugs alone. Anyone who has ever parented one of the 6 million children in the United States age 4-17 diagnosed with the condition knows that. But with school now

It’s August! Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month takes place in August. That’s when children have either filed back into the classroom or are in the thick of getting ready to do so. It’s a good

Whole30: Could this Diet be a Good Thing for Teens

Whole30 was something I’d never heard of until I was schmoozing with a girlfriend about my intention to pursue bariatric surgery (surgery to lose weight). I’d gained a ton of weight, due to age

Blue Whale Challenge: Should We Be Concerned?

The Blue Whale Challenge. What is it? Is it real? To the first question, put simply, it’s a game where the curator, also known as a “whale,” gives a teen fifty tasks, one per

Time to Chill Out About Candy!

This piece is a rebuttal to Should You Let Your Children Have Candy I’ve been a dietitian long enough to have lived through the low-fat craze, and now, much to my dismay, the era