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Teachers As Comedians?

Think back to your school days. Picture your favorite teacher. Now, picture your best friend’s favorite teacher. Chances are that they had something in common. They were funny. Indeed, some of our funniest teachers

I Hate School Lunches She Said

“I hate school lunches,” she said, as she came through the front door. “I HATE school lunches,” she said a bit louder this time, making sure her mother knew she’d come home from school.

Kid Snippets: Kid Fodder For Blah Days

Blah days. Every parent has them. They can come when the weather has been gray and nasty for days. Or a blah day can come unannounced for no reason whatsoever or because you ate

Kars4Kids Jingle: At Last, A Fan!

Everyone hates the Kars4Kids jingle. Well, almost everyone. We do have a few hardcore fans. Take Jamie Smith’s baby, for instance. Jamie posted the following clip to the Kars for Kids Facebook page with

Cutest Baby Videos: You’ll Laugh, You’ll Cry, You’ll MARVEL

Cutest baby videos. Every time you see that claim, you just know it’s hyperbole. But you can’t help it: you gotta watch them anyway. Because you love babies more than just about anything in

Top 10 Lies Kids Tell

Kids lie. They just do. Some do it more frequently than others while an especially rare form of child will lie just once, never to sin again. Yeah. Right. “You are so busted,” said