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Sensory Play: It’s Summer!

Sensory play is about playing games that stimulate the senses. Children use their senses to understand the world they live in. Sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste offer different ways for children to experience

Small Grant for TADA! Because Every Child Deserves a Stage

A very special children’s theater school called TADA! just became the recipient of a small grant from Kars4Kids. We wanted to help TADA! because Kars4Kids is a willing partner to anything that helps children

Blue Orange Games: Taking the Bored Out of Board Games

Board games, card games, games in general? I love them. My family loves them. Don’t get me wrong. We adore online computer games every bit as much. Technology is awesome. But there’s just something

3 Cool Kid-Friendly Treats to Make and Eat

It’s summer, the kids are home, and they are BORED STIFF. A month ago you had all these amazing resolutions of all the things you’d do together, the quality time you’d have, the bonding,

Camp Memories: What Do You Remember?

What reminds you of camp? What camp memories are most poignant? Was it your bunk, your counselors, or friends? What foods do you still remember and relish decades later? Was it the camp songs?

Educational Television: Is SpongeBob Square Pants The Best We Can Do?

  When I was little, I spent weekend mornings watching Bugs Bunny, Wylie Coyote and the Roadrunner, and the Pink Panther episodes. It was a ritual I relished; and at the time, wasn’t considered educational