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Family & Community Outreach.

Every child needs a warm, loving home with firm values and strong family traditions. Without this foundation, children face an uphill battle toward adulthood and a healthy marriage and family life of their own. We know that whatever we invest in building the family today will bear dividends as the children grow up and take their place in society. That is why we actively reach out to our children's families and provide them with experiences that create bonds, promote values and provide a lasting impact on their lives.


Crisis Intervention.

Every family has its share of challenges. Illness, marital difficulties, children at risk, mental health issues, unemployment – these are the real-life dramas of family life. How a child emerges from these situations depends on the kind of support they receives.

This is where our counselors and mentors make a difference. With wise guidance, hands-on assistance and a plethora of resources to call into play, they stick by each family and make sure that crisis does not turn into long-term disaster.

It's not what happens, but how one handles what happens that forms a person's character. With guidance and real, concerned involvement of our volunteers and staff, children can grow and families can become stronger as they traverse troubled waters.

Community Outreach

Outreach by both professionals and mentors helps to connect our families with the programs and resources they need, and to ensure that they stay on track.

  • Our family liaisons make regular visits to our families' homes in order to maintain a warm, friendly connection with parents and children alike. Their open ear picks up any difficulties that might be arising, and through our wide array of resources, they find solutions.
  • Anyone interested in learning more about Jewish tradition or history has the option of free, one-on-one telephone classes with volunteer teachers. Families from across the country avail themselves of this highly popular program.
Cultural Activities

Holidays provide an ideal time for families to nourish both body and spirit.

  • Close to 10,000 holiday packages, stocked with food and traditional holiday items are shipped nationwide during the holiday seasons.
  • On major holidays, we invite our families to spend a few days together with us at a retreat, where they enjoy the full flavor of a traditional holiday surrounded by knowledgeable families, clergy and counselors.
  • Our weekend retreats bring families together to enjoy a traditional day of rest.
Financial Assistance

"Man doesn't live by bread alone," and yet, without adequate financial resources, it's difficult for people to think of much else. Helping to enrich a family's emotional and spiritual life starts with ensuring their financial stability.

  • Food, clothing and housewares donations: We receive and re-distribute good quality clothing and housewares, and also provide supplementary food to families who are struggling to make ends meet. Even those who might not qualify for government programs are often "just making it," and any additional expense throws their budget into crisis mode. By covering these household expenses, we help them close the gap.
  • Financial grants: We distribute grants in varying amounts throughout the year to families who just need some extra cash to make it through the month.
  • Tuition assistance: Our mission of placing each child in the school that suits his needs. For many families, this choice would be out of the question without our tuition assistance.
  • Camp scholarships: We afford children from low income families the oppurtunity to experience, enjoy and benefit from an unbeatable summer experience.
  • School, family and community are all vital influences in a child's development.
  • Over 2000 families are being serviced by our programs.