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spring weekend getaway

A fun weekend reunion.

Chillzone: Excercise & fun

Chillin’ with friends & mentors.


Backpack Giveaway

Distributing backpacks in NYC.

Recent events

OCT 21  Chillzone Season 3!

Our night youth program has begun in over 30 locations all over the US and Canada, where kids of all ages can chill in a safe, supervised environment.

OCT 15  Singles Weekend Getaway

Single adults from all over the country spent a long weekend getting inspiration (and good food) from dedicated mentors and staff.

SEP 24  Family Holiday Retreat

Nearly 100 families joined our holiday retreat, taking the time to recharge and regroup at the start of a new year.

SEP 1  Preschool Begins

School begins for the very excited young 'uns at Little Star, our preschool in Staten Island, NY.

AUG 12  Visiting Day in Camp

Parents from all over the country made their way to upstate NY to spend a glorious day with their children.

JUL 25  Summer Trip

Hundreds of campers and staff enjoyed an exciting day at the water park - perfect antidote to the hot weather!

JUL 18  Nursing Home Visit

There is much to be gained when youth visit the elderly - one can learn much from someone who has a whole life's perspective, and these visits also bring joy.

JUL 9  Law Officers Appreciation

In appreciation for the dedication of our law enforcement officers, we held a catered lunch in their honor in our upstate campus.

JUL 1  Child Safety App

Kars4Kids is releasing an app that reminds parents to check for their children before leaving the car

JUN 24  Camp Begins

For hundreds of excited campers and staff, camp is finally underway! Have a wonderful summer

JUN 11  Summer Retreat

Families of campers and staff spend the weekend together at our second resort campus upstate, right before our camp visiting day

JUN 2  Family Getaway

Over 600 parents, children, and mentors are invited up to the beautiful and serene campgrounds in upstate NY for a 3 day getaway.

APR 20  Weekend Retreat

To celebrate the start of spring, we close to 200 kids for an extended weekend retreat enjoying all the amenities of our upstate campus.

APR 10  Employee Night Out

Employees and families spend the evening getting to know each other over a delicious dinner.

APR 10  Philly Chillzone

Local kids and mentors spend the evening together with good food, crafts and fun!