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dropped out of school today.
    Video: Black Friday 2014. Is This What You Want Your Children To Learn?
    WARNING: There may be some graphic language in some clips, though we did our best to weed out the worst. Black Friday, 2014. Where will you be? Fast asleep, exhausted from hosting too many guests for Thanksgiving, or in the stores, fighting over discounted televisions and towels? What does it say about our culture when […] 
    Posted on 11/26/2014
    On Parents And Instinct, Faith And Science
    Faith and science: are the two ever compatible? Can they complement each other, with one kicking in where the other leaves off? Last week I wrote this piece about dyslexia. Itís something I happen to know about because I did a stint as a writer for a hi-tech company that produced software to lessen the […] 
    Posted on 11/24/2014