JUL 25 Summer Trip Hundreds of campers and staff enjoyed an exciting day at the water park - p... see more >
JUL 18 Nursing Home Visit There is much to be gained when youth visit the elderly - one can learn muc... see more >
JUL 1 Child Safety App Kars4Kids is releasing an app that reminds parents to check for their child... see more >
JUN 24 Camp Begins For hundreds of excited campers and staff, camp is finally underway! Have a... see more >
dropped out of school today.
    Auditory Processing Disorder: Should Your Child Be Tested?
    Auditory Processing Disorder: it’s what the experts call it when your child’s hearing is just fine, but she doesn’t always understand what is said. Does your child say, “What?” no matter how loud or slow you say things? Is she agitated in noisy public spaces? Does she greet most questions with a blank stare? She […] 
    Posted on 8/31/2014
    Food for Thought
    Why do we eat the foods we do? And why are some foods elevated to the status of “comfort food?” Have you ever wondered why some of your parent’s and grandparents customs surrounding food live on? In his essay, “From the Land,” Max Brooks explored his own connection to home-grown food and gave credit to his […] 
    Posted on 8/28/2014