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JUL 18 Nursing Home Visit There is much to be gained when youth visit the elderly - one can learn muc... see more >
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dropped out of school today.
    Parenting and B.F. Skinner: It All Boils Down to Operant Conditioning
    Do your remember the Youtube video that went viral about the three dogs that learned how to drive a mini-Cooper? In case you don’t, I’ve included the clip to remind and entertain you. In the video, three dogs rescued by the SPCA in New Zealand are trained by professional animal trainers to drive a mini-Cooper. […] 
    Posted on 10/24/2014
    Pride and Its Flip Side: Teaching Children About Pride
    Pride goeth before a fall (Proverbs 16:18) is a phrase we’ve all heard before and most of us understand what it means. People shouldn’t get all puffed up and full of themselves. No one likes a braggart and besides, in the end, a person with extreme hubris is likely to come back down to earth […] 
    Posted on 10/22/2014