The Comprehensive Guide to Car Seat Safety Part II (Car Seat Installation)

See also Part I of this series: Car Seat Selection and Direction Car Seat Installation Now that you know which car seat is appropriate for your child, it’s time to install the car seat.

The Comprehensive Guide to Car Seat Safety Part I (Car Seat Selection and Direction)

  Did you know that 9 out of 10 car seats are not installed properly? It’s no wonder car accidents are the leading cause of preventable deaths for children (ages 1-13). My job as a

EDU Review: Summer Road Trip Games Edition 7/3/2014

EDU Review The latest trends in education and parenting          July 3, 2014 With summer officially here as of June 21st, many of us have that lovely refrain running through our minds, “ROAD TRIP!” And

Avital Norman Nathman: The Good Mother Myth

The feminist narrative changed many things for women. They vote. They have careers. They are respected. Alas, societal expectations of women in many ways, have not changed. When the children are clean, neatly dressed,

Nearsighted and Brainy? Go Outside

“Nearsighted” and “brainy” have long gone together. They’re every bit as much a thing as “ditzy” and “blond.” How ever much you shake your head at that, think about it: if you were given

Realizing Reuven Feuerstein’s Dream

The greatness of Reuven Feuerstein, clinical, developmental, and cognitive psychologist, known for his theory that intelligence is not fixed, lay in his recognition of the relevance of a child’s past, present, and future to

Forgotten Baby Syndrome: It Kills Babies—It’s Out of Your Control

  Forgotten Baby Syndrome. You may not know it by its name, but you know it would never happen to you. Forget your baby?? Leave your flesh and blood infant in the backseat of

Summer Road Safety Tips

We are proud to present this guide to summer road safety. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the summer holidays are the most dangerous days to drive. July Fourth, Labor Day and Memorial Day each

EDU Review: Sick But Happy Kids Edition 6/19/2014

EDU Review The latest trends in education and parenting          June 19, 2014 Sick but happy kids? Is such a thing even possible? Or did you just dream that? It is possible with a bit

Can Trauma Today Hurt Our Grandchildren Tomorrow?

Can trauma today hurt our grandchildren at some distant point in the future? It seems so. A new study just published in the latest issue of Pediatrics tells us that the greater the impact