Three Ways to Get Kids to Make Healthier Food Choices

“Healthier food choices” is a phrase we mostly associate with adults. Because seriously—what child is going to choose raw broccoli florets over gummy worms? And yet, as parents, we’ve all met the occasional child

Getting Kids to Think About the Future? Fuhgeddaboudit

Getting kids to think about the future is probably an impossible dream. Kids can’t think about next week, let alone how getting a poor grade in algebra is going to impact their adult lives

Coding for Kids: The Benefits Are Greater Than You Know.

  When Hadi Partovi was ten, his father brought home a Commodore 64, one of the earliest types of personal computers. The computer had no games, no real activities; but his father handed him

Are You Afraid to talk to Your Child About His Disability?

You’ve always wanted to talk to your child about his disability, but then shied away from doing so, just as the words were forming on your lips. On the one hand, you think your

Homeschooling: How to avoid burnout?

As a parent, you know that burnout is a very real condition. Once that little bundle of joy emerges from the womb, the day-to-day, the laundry pile that’s been sitting in the middle of

Politics and Kids: Stirring Your Child’s Inner Political Animal

Politics and kids would not seem to be a thing. For one thing, kids aren’t old enough to vote, which would tend to make politics less compelling as a topic of interest. For another

Trust: Lessons About Friendship Sometimes Learned the Hard Way

    Trust: when it comes right down to it, it’s the basis of all relationships. And sometimes we learn this the hard way. Which is bad enough, but it’s even worse to watch from

Stuttering: What you should know and when to be concerned

    Stuttering is a communication disorder that affects the fluency of speech. It’s characterized by repetitions, prolongations, and abnormal stoppages that can make the flow of speech in normal conversation difficult and stressful,

Color-Blindness in the Classroom: Is it a Learning Disability?

Color-blindness or Color Vision Deficiency, as the experts call it, is the inability to distinguish shades of color or in more severe cases, to see any colors at all. Most of us think of

Comorbidity and ADHD: It’s Not Just About ADHD

Comorbidity and ADHD: this is the term used by doctors to talk about conditions that come at the same time as ADHD. A child or an adult with ADHD, may, for instance, also have