The Impact of Song Lyrics on Our Children: What You Need to Know

Is the impact of song lyrics on our children something we should worry about? Is it something you have worried about? Because if you’re like most parents, you have no idea what your kids

Talking to Kids About Ebola

Talking to kids about Ebola: does it seem counterintuitive? Do you worry that rather than calming their fears, talking about the disease will only frighten them more? Is it difficult for you to talk

Poet, Parent, Writer: A Profile of Varda Meyers Epstein

Ursula K. Le Guin, an award-winning novelist and self-professed introvert once wrote, “Hardly anybody ever writes anything nice about introverts. Extroverts rule. This is rather odd when you realise that about nineteen writers out

Is Baby Furniture Ever Really Safe?

Is baby furniture ever really safe? That was the thought that came to mind when I watched this humorous clip: I couldn’t help but remember the way my eldest daughter chewed tooth marks into

Bullying Or Just Teasing?

“Bullying or just teasing?” It’s what you ask yourself when your child comes home with a tale of woe, her face streaked with tears, her dress torn, shoes scuffed. But when you try to

Parenting and B.F. Skinner: It All Boils Down to Operant Conditioning

Do you remember the Youtube video that went viral about the three dogs that learned how to drive a Mini-Cooper? In case you don’t, I’ve included the clip to remind and entertain you. In

Pride and Its Flip Side: Teaching Children About Pride

Pride goeth before a fall (Proverbs 16:18) is a phrase we’ve all heard before and most of us understand what it means. People shouldn’t get all puffed up and full of themselves. No one

The Book With No Pictures: A Reader’s Power

The Book With No Pictures is an intriguing name and concept for a children’s book. Or at least it seemed that way to me at first when an article on the subject caught my

Why Your Kids Should MOOC

  MOOC. It’s an absurd little word that sounds like the mating call of a moose. In truth, it’s an acronym for an online educational resource that’s trending in universities and becoming a valuable

Cutest Baby Videos: You’ll Laugh, You’ll Cry, You’ll MARVEL

Cutest baby videos. Every time you see that claim, you just know it’s hyperbole. But you can’t help it: you gotta watch them anyway. Because you love babies more than just about anything in