A Good First Visit To The Dentist

That first visit to the dentist has been on your mind since your baby’s first bout of teething. Now that the first little pearly white tooth is visible, you’re thinking that it may be

Trouble in School: The First Thing to Test is Hearing

Hearing was something Laura had never considered when she contemplated Heather’s classroom difficulties. Heather was 7 and obviously bright, one of those kids you think of as an adult trapped in a child’s body;

Parenting From Prison

  If you’re reading this article from prison, you probably didn’t find it yourself. You didn’t search with keywords “parenting from prison” on your own. Someone else, perhaps a caregiver for your child or a

Brad Cohen: Tourette Syndrome and Bullying—Get to Know the Person, Not the Problem

Tourette syndrome and bullying—it is no stretch to say that there is no other educator who knows as much about this subject than Brad Cohen. Cohen struggled to become a teacher in spite of

How Merchandising Makes Use of Bullying and Why It Shouldn’t Be Tolerated

Merchandising makes use of bullying to sell things. The practice is not new. Advertisers and retailers probably took their cue from the media. Just a short half-hour on one of the many reality-based television shows demonstrates

How to Talk to Children About Islam In a World Gone Mad

How do we talk to children about Islam in a world gone mad? Terror committed in the name of Islam is everywhere. If we feel safe it is only because we are using the

Safe Opportunities To Let Your Child Fail And Learn

Parenting is a long-term proposition during which we need to essentially work ourselves out of a job. Part of a child’s development is to learn how to be independent, to make choices, and to

National Mentoring Month: Mentoring for Change

“Imitation is the highest form of flattery.” It’s a timeless saying. It’s reminiscent of a little kid tagging along with the “big kids” if only to be like them. It’s implied when a small child imitates a

Kars4Kids Jingle: At Last, A Fan!

Everyone hates the Kars4Kids jingle. Well, almost everyone. We do have a few hardcore fans. Take Jamie Smith’s baby, for instance. Jamie posted the following clip to the Kars for Kids Facebook page with

Boy With Tourette Syndrome Makes A Movie, Makes Good

Tourette syndrome makes most of us think of twitchy eyes and out-of-control curse words issued by children who couldn’t possibly be old enough to know what they mean. But more often, Tourette symptoms are