Immunization Debate: Do You Say Yes to Vaccines?

Immunization Awareness Month is upon us which means we wake up the sleeping beast: the debate for and against vaccination. There’s a lot of hot feeling on either side of the debate which is

Summer Learning Loss: Stop the Leak!

Summer learning loss, also called summer slide or summer learning leak is what happens over summer vacation when kids stop going to school. During the summer, kids forget what they learned during the school

Drama Therapy and Your Child

Drama therapy is a form of treatment that uses playacting to explore feelings in a safe environment. In drama therapy, participants may use storytelling, improvisation, and performance to solve problems, vent feelings, or work toward

Homesickness: A Guide

Homesickness is painful; perhaps even more so when you’re the parent of a homesick child who’s off to summer camp. The feeling of helplessness, of not knowing what to do, can be a bit

3 Cool Kid-Friendly Treats to Make and Eat

It’s summer, the kids are home, and they are BORED STIFF. A month ago you had all these amazing resolutions of all the things you’d do together, the quality time you’d have, the bonding,

Nutrient Dense Diet: The New Old Way to Eat

Nutrient dense diet tips flood the web. It’s the new way to eat. But actually, it’s the old way to eat. It’s how people ate in the days before sodium-laden, sugar-laden, fat-heavy processed foods.

Stocking Your Basic First Aid Kit

Basic first aid kit items are just what they sound like: basic. You don’t want to discover you’ve run out of Bandaids when your child gets a scrape or minor burn. You want to

Turned or Crossed Eye: Can a Baby Outgrow Strabismus?

Turned or crossed eye or Strabismus is an eye problem in which the eyes don’t work together as a team. When the eyes work as they should, both eyes look at the same object.

Finding a Caregiver or Daycare for Your Child

  Finding a caregiver or a daycare for your child can be a stressful, guilt-ridden experience. Take this advice from a twenty-five-year veteran parent. But it doesn’t have to be if you do some

Preventing Heat Exhaustion

Preventing heat exhaustion is an important concern for parents of small during the summer months. Heat Exhaustion is one of three heat-related conditions, the other two being Heat Cramps and Heatstroke. Heat cramps are