Bulimia: What is it Anyway?

Bulimia Nervosa, more commonly known as Bulimia, is an eating disorder that involves binge eating. Many, but not all people with bulimia follow a binge with purging by inducing vomiting or taking laxatives.  Some people with bulimia

Cutting: What it is and How to Stop

WARNING:Photos contained in this article may trigger cutting. The photos are meant to help parents identify the condition in their children by showing them what cutting looks like. Note that the tips here are known

Teaching Kids About Dialing 911

  Teaching kids to dial 911 isn’t merely emergency preparedness. It could one day safe your life. Most importantly, kids must learn that dialing 911 should never be part of a game, a joke,

Sensory Information Processing: Intense World Theory of Autism Gains Support

  Sensory information processing is difficult for those with autism. This fact has long been known. But while this fact is widely accepted, there has been disagreement on whether people with autism experience sensory

Talking to Kids About Disabilities: 6 Tips

Talking to kids about disabilities is something that every parent eventually confronts, usually when out in public with a young child.  If you’re a parent, you know how it is. It’s that moment when

Sleepovers: Preparing Your Child To Leave the Nest

Sleepovers are part of the childhood experience. It’s when children forge lasting memories with friends, classmates, and family members like cousins and grandparents. If the sleepover is at the home of an adult you

Tommy Molter: Tourettes Has Nothing To Do With Intelligence

  Tommy Molter is like any other almost 15 year-old boy: he’s into sports, works hard at his school work, and dreams of being an astronaut. But Tommy is not like any other almost

Camp Memories: What Do You Remember?

What reminds you of camp? What camp memories are most poignant? Was it your bunk, your counselors, or friends? What foods do you still remember and relish decades later? Was it the camp songs?

Brad Cohen Tourette Syndrome Foundation Awarded Kars4Kids Small Grant

Brad Cohen’s Brad Cohen Tourette Syndrome Foundation recently applied for and received a small grant from Kars4Kids. We were happy to give him a hand with the good work he’s doing, advocating for those

Shoplifting Teens: A Rite Of Passage?

Shoplifting teens are a dime a dozen. But not if you’re a storeowner. Over $13 billion dollars worth of retail goods are stolen annually. That’s someone at the top taking a heavy hit. Still,