Predicting Coparenting Ability and Why it Doesn’t Matter One Bit

Predicting coparenting ability shouldn’t be rocket science. And it isn’t. Yet someone found a way to make it so. Coparenting is the way in which parents relate to each other in their roles as

Summer Parenting Goals: How Close Are You?

Summer parenting goals are like New Years’ resolutions. It’s better to keep the list short and sweet, or you’re liable to find them too difficult to pursue. In any event, with summer vacation winding

Without Hugs, What Else Have We Lost?

Kids need hugs and comfort to form healthy attachments in life and a sense of security to explore. It’s especially true when kids are distressed or frightened or when they’re separated from mom, dad, the

Kars4Kids Backpack Giveaway

UPDATE: In addition to backpacks, Kars4Kids will be giving out a limited number of quality uniform shirts, vests, and sweaters at the Friday event. These aren’t just ANY old shirts, vests, and sweaters. They are

School Anxiety: Fear of Failure

To many, I present as a calm, composed individual. There are times when I can be a bundle of nerves. I’ve been through child birth six times and two combat deployments as an army

Parenting With a Chronically Ill Spouse

You and your spouse have plans, big plans for your retirement, for your children, and for your family. You have expectations. Suddenly, everything changes. Your spouse develops some mysterious symptoms that evolve into full-blown

How Do You Deal With Campsickness?

The summer is at its midpoint and at many camps, first session is over. If your child returned home a little mopey, you may have to unpack some emotional baggage in addition to his moldy duffle

Maternal Fears: Your Child Smells it On You

Maternal fears are primal, instinctual; ready to be unleashed at the first sign of danger, either real or perceived. Imagine this scenario: a door opens as a child’s pudgy fingers linger much too close

Are You Sabotaging Your Child’s Summer Camp Experience?

  Are you sabotaging your child’s summer camp experience? “Of course not,” you laugh. “What parent does that?” You throw your head back and laugh off the ridiculousness of that premise. You are, after

What are the Signs Your Child is Troubled?

Before I became a parent I had always imagined that the hardest part of raising and caring for another human being would be primarily physical. When my kids were infants and then toddlers it