Boy With Tourette Syndrome Makes A Movie, Makes Good

Tourette syndrome makes most of us think of twitchy eyes and out-of-control curse words issued by children who couldn’t possibly be old enough to know what they mean. But more often, Tourette symptoms are

Parenting Advice: When Your Child Gets Arrested

  If you have children, then you know the truth. Kids, especially teens, are impulsive. Sometimes they behave erratically. Sometimes their decisions defy logic. And occasionally those bad decisions get them arrested. It doesn’t

Parenting, the Holidays, and Teaching Your Kids About Frugality

    It’s the end of another calendar year; and as we approach the New Year, many of you will be moaning over depleted bank accounts and higher credit balances. Some of you will

Kars4Kids Packages Add Holiday Cheer

It’s the holiday season, and there is a festive feeling of cheer and goodwill in the air! At Kars4Kids, we are doing our part to spread that feeling to children across the country with

5 Ways Parents Can Prevent Teenage Eating Disorders

I was shocked when my daughter’s high school adviser told me that there are consistently 8-10 girls in every graduating class in this small private high school who struggle with eating disorders. I’d had

Snap Circuits: A Toy That Fosters a Love of STEM

Introduction: This holiday season, buy gifts that encourage a love of learning, that teach problem solving, design, process, and electricity. This season, invest in a snap-circuit kit. I know. This week’s blog post sounds

Hot Salsa: Hot Holiday Salsa, That Is

Hot salsa on your holiday table? Why not? It goes great on potato latkes, is red and green, and offers colorful fresh low-calorie flavor to perk up just about any food you can name.

Lincoln Logs: The Classic Toy that Beats the Computer Hands Down

Lincoln Logs has been around longer than most people have been alive, yet here it is, alive and well, still the same humble toy, still popular. Kids see Lincoln Logs and they automatically feel

ADHD: 5 Strategies to Improve Learning

For a child  who struggles with ADHD (hyperactivity attention-deficit disorder), school can be a stressful place. Though most children with ADHD are intellectually bright and love to learn, learning and navigating the school setting presents many challenges to

Kapla: Best. Toy. Ever.

Kapla is without a doubt, the best toy I’ve ever purchased for my children (note that this is an unsolicited endorsement). I first saw Kapla when my youngest son, then two, joined a small