I Hate School Lunches She Said

“I hate school lunches,” she said, as she came through the front door. “I HATE school lunches,” she said a bit louder this time, making sure her mother knew she’d come home from school.

Antibiotic Misuse: Why You Need To Care

Antibiotic misuse, using antibiotics for the wrong sort of illness, or using the same antibiotics for the same ailment over and over again, is something you may have heard about. Still, you shrug off that

Domestic Violence and Abuse: You’re Not Alone

Domestic violence and abuse happens when one partner or spouse acts to boss, intimidate, manipulate, and control the other. Sometimes domestic abuse is carried out with words (verbal abuse). The abuser may work to damage

The Terrible Twos And You

The terrible twos are no joke. You had this really nice toddler and suddenly, he or she is one big ball of NO. She just defies everything you ask her to do. Does the

Peanut Bans: Are They Doing More Harm Than Good?

Peanut bans were unfamiliar to me until I visited The Zone, a summer camp facility partially funded by  Kars4Kids. I was accompanying a van full of teenagers on a daytrip to Albany, New York,

Should You Let Baby Cry It Out?

Should you let baby cry it out? Babies cry. Everyone knows it. Parents, on the other hand, may wildly disagree about whether or not it is okay to let a baby cry it out. Some

Keeping Kids Quiet During Services

Keeping kids quiet is never easy. Which is why some people think parents shouldn’t bring children with them to worship in a synagogue or church. It’s just a child’s nature to talk, and a

Is Football Dangerous?

Is football dangerous? It’s a question many parents are asking themselves now that summer vacation is but a distant memory. Kids are back in school which means try-outs. Should you let your child try

10 Ways to Help Your Child Do Better in School

Help your child do better in school? What mother would say no to that idea? Sure, most kids start off the school year happy and excited and full of bubbly spirits. They come home

Childhood Apraxia Of Speech, Autism, Or Both?

Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) is a motor speech disorder which makes it difficult for children to speak sounds, syllables, and words. The difficulty has nothing to do with weak muscles or paralysis. Instead,