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How to make a Roger cake

October 26, 2012

The makings of a Seomoz Roger cake – see original post, Roger Roger Everywhere, for full background details

This is all the supplies you’ll need:

Chocolate sheet cake – (any plain brownie recipe will do) icing, black food coloring, three color piping red, white and black, piping tips, sharp knife, 11×14 print out of Roger and spatula

Cut out your roger printout.

Place the roger shape over the cake and use it as a guide to cut the cake

You will need two shades of gray icing. Make a large bowl of the light gray and a small bowl of icing a darker gray

Smear the light gray icing over the entire cake
Using your print out as a guide, make lines of where you will need to shade the cake
Use the dark gray icing for the shading
Using your tips and colored icing, color in the rest of the cake Now pipe the entire cake in black

And there you have it – an edible Roger cake!

Then give it to your kids to enjoy!


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