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Boredom Is the Mother of Invention

    Necessity is the mother of invention. The proverb, originating from Plato’s Republic, still rings true after more than two millennium. It’s a mantra, a call to action. When conventional approaches fail, find

The Life Cycle: A 5-Point Method For Answering Kids’ Questions

The life cycle was a mystery to me until I was ten. I’d brought in the mail one day so many years ago, thrilled at the heft and bulk of the items I’d found

How You Can Ease Your Teen into Using a Smartphone

After having used a smartphone for a few years, it’s hard for me to remember what life was like without instant access to this technology. As I raise my tween boy – now 12

Top 10 Lies Kids Tell

Kids lie. They just do. Some do it more frequently than others while an especially rare form of child will lie just once, never to sin again. Yeah. Right. “You are so busted,” said

My Child Has a Crush on an Adult

  Yes. It’s true. My child does have a crush on an adult, his summer camp counselor. When he first confessed it, admittedly, I felt a little jealous. I mean, wasn’t I supposed to be his

The Comprehensive Guide to Car Seat Safety Part III (Harnessing)

See also Part I of this series: Car Seat Selection and Direction, and Part II: Installation. Car Seat Harnessing Once the car seat is installed, you will want to secure your child properly using

Her last moments were happy so how come we’re sad she died like that

Her last moments were happy so how come we’re sad she died like that? That is, texting about happiness. WHILE DRIVING. It’s like this: Remember how before you had teenagers you felt all smug

Is There a Right Way to Teach Kids About Death?

Is there a right way to teach kids about death? Death is a touchy subject for most parents, right up there with the birds and the bees. You wish you didn’t have to explain

EDU Review 4/24/2014

EDU Review The latest trends in education and parenting          April 24, 2014 If you have a child with dyslexia, join the club. It is estimated that as many as 1 in 4 people have

Two Men Go Through Simulated Labor As Their Wives High Five

The pain of childbirth carries with it certain implications. There’s the biblical idea that women experience the pangs of childbirth due to Eve’s sin in tempting Adam to eat from the Tree of Knowledge.