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Homeschooling: How to avoid burnout?

As a parent, you know that burnout is a very real condition. Once that little bundle of joy emerges from the womb, the day-to-day, the laundry pile that’s been sitting in the middle of

Boredom Is the Mother of Invention

    Necessity is the mother of invention. The proverb, originating from Plato’s Republic, still rings true after more than two millennium. It’s a mantra, a call to action. When conventional approaches fail, find

Parenting, the Holidays, and Teaching Your Kids About Frugality

    It’s the end of another calendar year; and as we approach the New Year, many of you will be moaning over depleted bank accounts and higher credit balances. Some of you will

My Child Has a Crush on an Adult

  Yes. It’s true. My child does have a crush on an adult, his summer camp counselor. When he first confessed it, admittedly, I felt a little jealous. I mean, wasn’t I supposed to be his

Maternal Separation Anxiety: It’s Hard to Let Go

At many overnight camps, this past Sunday was visiting day. If you went to visit your child, you should have found a markedly more relaxed, sunburnt, mosquito-bitten child from the one you put on

Choosing the Perfect Babysitter Is Something I Never Want to Do Ever

If you’re reading this you’re probably nervous about choosing the perfect babysitter. That may be due to news items A/K/A horror stories related to nanny cams and abuse. But more likely, you’re just meticulous

Does a Child Really Need a Father?

As anthropologist Margaret Mead famously said, “A father is a biological necessity, but a social accident.” Does a child really need a father or is the father merely an accessory before the fact? Handy

My Son the Brilliant Statistician and Linguist

We’ve all heard of the stereotypically proud mom bragging about, “My son the doctor,” but it’s not too often you hear a mother say about her infant, “My son the brilliant statistician and linguist.”

Birth Moms Can Lie In Utah and Dads May Never Know

Did you know that birth moms can lie in Utah with impunity? Until now, if a woman wanted to have a baby and keep this news from the baby’s dad, all she had to

Kids and Technology–Stop With The Limits Already!

If you Google “kids and technology” you’ll find a gazillion articles about how parents can police their digital native children. There are tips on how to limit a child’s use of technology and there