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Science is Sheepish: Spirituality Makes Us Healthier, Happier People

All along, the majority position of Psychiatry has been that Psychiatry has nothing to do with religion and spirituality. Religious beliefs and practices have long been thought to have a pathological basis, and psychiatrists

Drama Therapy and Your Child

Drama therapy is a form of treatment that uses playacting to explore feelings in a safe environment. In drama therapy, participants may use storytelling, improvisation, and performance to solve problems, vent feelings, or work toward

The Impact of Song Lyrics on Our Children: What You Need to Know

Is the impact of song lyrics on our children something we should worry about? Is it something you have worried about? Because if you’re like most parents, you have no idea what your kids

ADHD Prescription Drug Abuse: Do You Know Why It’s Wrong?

ADHD prescription drug abuse is on the rise. Has been for more than a decade. A study presented May 3, at the annual meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) in Vancouver, British Columbia,

What Every Parent Should Know About Teenage Drinking at Home

Teenage drinking at home: are you under the impression that within reason, this is a good thing? I know my parents thought so. They felt that if given sips of good liquor, we would

Warning: Do You Recognize These 7 Early Warning Signs Of Teen Drug Abuse?

Teen drug abuse is something you never thought about, once upon a time. First you were expecting and it was all about choosing tiny onesies and learning Lamaze. Then it was about colic, spitting